Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Enchantment of Raja Ampat Archipelago

Indonesia is a tropical country which spread from Sabang to Merauke and consists of 17.504 lines of green islands which are rich in natural resources. Every time we learn Biology in biodiversity chapter, we will find the fact that Indonesia is in a list of megabiodiversity country, which means that Indonesia has high biodiversity. One of the area in Indonesia which has high biodiversity is Raja Ampat Archipelago area. Here Raja Ampat Archipelago will present my sense of pride and love to what Indonesia had, especially about the nature in Indonesia.
Raja Ampat or Four Kings is an archipelago area with 4 main biggest islands i.e Waigeo island, Batanta island,
Salawati island and Misool island which located in the north west tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea or in Indonesia’s West Papua province. Raja Ampat is a new district area in Indonesia that had successfully attracted thousands tourists both of international and domestic tourist to come to see into the beauty of Raja Ampat. In year 2009 has recorded that 5000 tourist per year come to visit Raja Ampat. And what makes it more attracting is the fact that Raja Ampat suddenly has been recorded as one of 10 best maritime tourism in the world.
It’s not surprising whereas the biological wealth under the sea in Raja Ampat which is very abundant. Based on the riset proven that there are 75% world coral species which comes from Raja Ampat and there are more than 1500 species of fish and mollusca which exist in the ocean of Raja Ampat.
With abundant sunshine supply until 30- 37 meters deep, appropriate temperature and high water salinity make Raja Amapat as a big home for coral reefs and also a heart of world coral triangle. In fact because it’s fertility, we can see the spread out area of coral reefs without diving when low ebb happens. This view can be found in Saondarek village. Just imagine it, with a very beautiful coast, white soft sand, tropical warm wind and a ocean that rich in awesome and pure biodiversity, Raja Ampat had succeed in becoming The Lost Paradise of Indonesia. If we take a look to Miami beach it will be so different that Raja Ampat is still so pure and clean, untouchable from the pollution. In international world has been known that Raja Ampat is a paradise for those who are the coast lovers. On the other hands Raja Ampat can be such a tourism alternative in Indonesia that has naturally beautiful scenes instead of Bali.
Well it seems that not enough with beautiful coral reefs scenery. In Raja Ampat we also can see some unique ocean’s fauna species such as pigmy seahorse, webbegong, and manta ray which is known as the biggest ray species in the world. Besides that we can found an endemic fish species under the sea of Raja Ampat, that is Eviota Raja ( Eviota King).
Raja Ampat is not only reach in it’s under the sea world, but also on it’s land. It has been recorded that Raja Ampat is one of the richest tropical flora- fauna resources. If we take a walk on Raja Ampat mainland we will be able to see Red bird of Paradise, Wilson Bird of Paradise, maleo, Cockatoo, Ecletus, miscellaneous and beautiful birds and various kind of birds. Not only that, either from seas or lands, we can see some wide area of dense forests spread on each islands in Raja Ampat Archipelago group. I think all the scientist that have visited this place must be so confused because they have to be creative in giving name for the species they had found here while the species are so many and different. So just be thankful if you’re not a scientist that you can just enjoy those pretty big life without have to name it.
From those above that I’ve explained, we can see that the wealth of Raja Ampat is still so pure with it’s variety of fish and coral reefs right under water and dense tropical forest on it’s land. That’s the gift of God which is so incalculable for it’s value. And that is why we have to be proud of it and always keep it well.

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