Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I call it 'KEWL'

in some spare time I may open design or art magazines and find good stuffs like this. I already forgot the background story of this pictuires but if my memory not mistaken, this is an
add pictures for an Air Conditioner product.

Instrumental music is always impressed me, whether its in audio form or visual style like this. I was thinking about a vampire who's playing piano. he's immortal and so was his music. by the way this was kinda brochure for a musical concert.

An add from Amsterdam. well it reminds me about old style of filming or capturing. filming and capturing pictures are always interesting for me. they never fail in catch my eyes!

Yeah, we can do it! its like a womanizer movement or we can say it as womanization??

Afternoon tea party took an essential place in the social environment of most of European women or actually  of english women. The speaking art always become a must- have- skill in their society. amazing yet ridiculous that so many women must learn this from others... like what the article says :)

Cigar cigar cigar. its been around me more often nowadays. people here loves to smoke, while I hate the smoke anyway. but this add still cool, cool like an old school style :)

guess what, this is the pictures I adored in the most from that magazine. the picture says Half empty and Half full considering the bottle condition. unique I think, and love it for sure :)

pretty quotation ! good quotation !
In Dreams and In Love There Are No Impossibilities

Bon Voyage! Its bad that I took this picture blurly, actually its good and interesting anyway :>

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