Friday, 1 June 2012

Quick comment on "500 days of Summer"

Just finished watching 500 Days of Summer movie. Guess what?
Im pretty loving it. It’s a good movie, and the girl called Summer. Yes, Summer like summer in seasons. Well its kinda funny, romantic and a good movie. Actually its true that its not a love story, but it is love strory. Hahah kinda confusing huh? But yes, I do recommend this movie to be on your watching list as soon as possible !
Well the music theme is good too. Found Regina Spector, The Temper Trap, The Smiths and Mumm there. They make good music and support this movie emotions so much. Like lifting up the atmosphere of the story line !

One of my favourite quotes that I got from this movie is the three short words said by Tom which is also written on a card, it is “ I Love Us”. Seems like the words alive and lovely.. yes, I do like it.

Hmm maybe one day I will have daughters named Summer, or maybe Autumn, or It can be Spring or Winter.. well any of them. I like seasons too, it feels great to have a name as the seasons named. Sound pretty I think.

Well the picture above is one of the scenes played in 500 days of summer. the scene is a moment when Tom expect Summer will get back to him again in the Friday party in Summer's apartment. But expectation is just expectation, reality bites Tom that what he wished is wish merely. it never happen, Summer and him cann not be united in word "us" anymore...
I think its funny how tragic and ironic when the expectations meet reality's bite. but I see it as one of the beauty of life, the moment we met that such an ironic thing, is the moment when we can feel so human indeed. so alive, fragile and badly weak in the eyes of reality. I guess the best way to face it is just by laughing at it. Suggest it as a funny stuffs and dont bother yourself so wont get depressed huh !

well its like a good theraphy to watch this 500 days of Summer. at least it can reduce my tension that seems growing bigger nowadays. 

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