Sunday, 22 July 2012

From “ River of Life, River of Hope” selected poems of Pak Tu- Jin Translated by Edward W. Poitras

            August River

            The August river claps its hands
            The August river writhes
            The August river agonizes
            The August river flows deep

            The river remembers yesterday’s sighing, tears, shedding of blood, deaths

            Remembers yesteday’s anger, yearnings, the traitorous
            Snake and wolf
            The forked tongu and bloody teeth

            The river remembers the remote ideal form
            Of the galaxies, the brilliant solar system,
            In its golden distillation

             For the sake of its victory, attainment, fulfillment
             It commits yesterday to today and today to tomorrow

            The river, the August river, is serene and powerful
            It moves with awesome will clapping its hands, flying its banners, it simply
            Proceeds toward the vast sea

Let My Sky Remain Blue

Though my sky may be small
Though my garden may be small

Who sees my sky will see my sun
Who sees my garden will see my roses, too

The sun I know
The garden i know,

Let my sky remain blue
Let my garden remain red

             First Prayer

             Make me a young lion
             As I run in this dark wilderness filled with wolves’ howlings,
             Like a flame driven by the wind
             Mane flying as a banner
             Grant in this heated battle for faith, justice and truth
             Victory’s roar as th enemy falls and bows before our knees
             As the golden trumpet sounds a triumphal song
             Grant us your promise of dazzling victory

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