Sunday, 22 July 2012

Poems From “ Sky, wind and stars” by Yun Dong- Ju Translated by Kyung- Nyun Kim Richards and Steggen F. Richards

                       What Do They Live On?

                        People by the sea
                        Eat the fish they catch

                        People in the valleys of the mountains
                        Eat the potatoes they roast

                        People on the stars –
                        What do they live on?

                                      The Letter

                                      Big sister!
                                      This winter again
                                      The snowfall is heavy

                                      Shall I palce in a white envelope
                                      A handful of snow
                                      And write no words
                                      Nor put on any stamps
                                      And simply mail it to you
                                      As neat as can be?

                                     The land where you wet,
                                    The say, has no snow.

   TheTwo of Them

   The sea is blue
   And so is the sky

   The sea is endless
   And so is the sky

   The sea is grim
   The sky is mum

                  Afternoon in A Mountain Valley

                  My song is more
                  A Mournful echo

                  The shadow cast
                  On the valley road
                  Is all too sad

                  My thoughts this afternoon?
                  Oh, how sleepy I am! 

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