Saturday, 29 September 2012

drawing and having wings !

A heart of mine is hanging above. It jumps out of my chest unfortunately.

It is private language which carrying winter chokes the little daffodille.

A couple end up like a pair of gold fishes, forgetting each others.

fake people oh fake people. I dislike you but I thanked to you who have teached me tons of things about sincerity.

Its a big big big lonely planet, sometimes.

man of my dreams :D LOL

I got influenza in that day and one of my friend called Dyan gave me vitamine C. thanks for your kindness, I do appreciate that !

Sometimes when words could not say what I wish to say, I will say things through the pictures I made.
Mostly they are so abstract and unreadable. Or they speak about nothing indeed. hahah
Just I like making pictures even though the results are not so pretty or good.

Well if in your mean time you are hard to speak through words, just drawing ! I believe that to draw is to say hidden things inside human.
When Its hard for you to draw, just take your pen or pencil, close your eyes and then start drawing ! Not need to think, just move your fingers and express your feeling . :)

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