Sunday, 21 October 2012

Story of A Strange Stalker

I meet you in the embrace of July
When the imagination of sitting between sunflowers attending my head
Simply I like you, and I go around stalking your site just to get to know you
One day
Two days
More days
I like you for the honest and simple words you wrote
Simply, I want you to sit with me between the sunflowers

I said hello sometimes
You said hello back to me
One time
Two times
More times
But we are so much strangers
I am your stranger
So August knocked on my door , saying that I must be patient
It said your heart needs time to get cured
Cured not by a stranger
I am a stranger

After all, September sang It songs for me
I got nothing but strongly desperation of your previous broken heart
I am the stalker
Silently put my eyes on the words you made from far away
I whispered to the wind, “ It’s your day..”
Hope September’s breeze will bring it to your peaceful dream
Yes, I am the stranger

But then you texted your words to me
Like rain suddenly dropped in October
Break the long dry season of the year and let the little flowers grew
So many angels dancing on my yard in the day you talk to me
So many butterflies flattered their wings inside my chest when our conversation shoved the time aside
So many laugh…
So many flowers in the heart of the stalker
But It’s still October, when the dry season came back
Dry off the pond and the land of flowers
As the stranger is going back to be a stranger
And too excited laugh caused cramps
October said, “You should be not in rush”
Indeed, I should be so
But I rushed
And both of us still stranger
The angst came to the stalker who is stalking

But It’s still October
November still a mile away and who knows what might come up…
I am the stranger
I am the stalker
Because simply, I just want you sit with me between the sunflowers…

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