Thursday, 27 June 2013

My Fair Man

My fair man, why don't you come back and sip a cup of coffee with me on this rainy veranda?
Instead, you are dancing in far away, singing in unreachable distant and speaking the words I can't hear. Way a part and make me sad.

Oh don’t you miss me?
Ever think about me?

My fair man, the rainbow has fallen on your hair yet you still dancing. Further than ever to be reached.
My hands are crumpling here, wishing your fingers might soon fill this empty fist of mine.
Instead, you are miles away there. Leaping so high to grab your dreams, but forgetting my presence here. Instead, you keep dancing away and singing so far.

My fair man, why don’t you come home and bring me my butterfly kisses?
You’ve been too far. Too fair to be fair.

 ( Thinking about Oh Sehun and got this  popping on my head)

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