Monday, 29 July 2013


God through His various mysterious way will give us strength and power to sustain or defend ourselves within every storm. Do you believe that?

I do.

He through His way has given me so many obstacles, problems and agony.

But I know they are never out of my capacity. He measures me and knows precisely that I am capable to endure such things. And each time I am feeling down and ready to fall, He sends me angels through anything. I will see the beauty of something I long for, He let me see all the beauty and peaceful pieces I have forgotten. He will make me stronger by reminding me that I am lucky, strong enough and able to stand this agony.

One day He guided me to a park, heavenly one because it is full of kids with their laughter, sounds of music, nice people, green leaves, pigeons and nice weather. He led me to my joy and I knew it when He did such thing. I know, I always. That way I feel much closer to Him. He is the parents I missed, He is the lover I don't possess, He is friends I sometimes shoved away. He is the bliss itself. He eases my loneliness. If you could only feel what I feel about it…

Through so many agony and tears, He never pulls me to get through something I unable to endure.
And I always survive, through every storms. I always have helped on my ways through accidents or so forth. I believe He will always catch me when I fall. He hugs me. Yes I can sense His embrace. And I thanked for It.

God through His various mysterious way has let us love Him or feel His love. Do you believe that?

Well, I do.

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