Monday, 12 August 2013

Let Them Go

Memories are precious…
But yet dangerous.
I've seen It. I've felt it how memories in the same time hold my strength and devastate the whole things in me.
They are a series of moments, running through my mind and the universe around me. They are living a life around me. They are making my life.
As once said that life is a series of memories.
Every time I walk into my old memories about my old life, It feels like I am falling again. I desperately will climb back the cliff where I've fallen from. But sadly I remain at the bottom and keep going down, lower than the water surface line. At some points, I ever drown.

But I will keep holding on. I don't die. Because the memories in the same time give me strength to survive. They ask me to survive, even for nothing. Just survive.
And this series of moments start to be my friend, for better for worse.
Before I let them go, I have to accept them in a locked room inside my heart. Let the pain and joy unlocked the hidden wrath that was ruining myself for all this time.

Now, I start to let them go.
Let nothing of my past be my burden.
Let them go.
Cut all the bond.
And stop pushing for anything.
Just let go…

Memories are precious but they can be so dangerous only if you are too defensive.
We all- human do not own anything in this universe. We all just drop by and nothing will at our hands forever.
Let them go…
Let them go...

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