Monday, 23 June 2014

Standing in A Happy Sad Ending Movie

I feel irrationally happy.
I feel like glowing and transported to a world where beauty is all in the sphere...
When night is coming, the sky is full of stars that blinking to me. The moon is high and staring at me with her yellow face.
I don't hesitate to stare back to her and smile so widely like a little stupid girl.
Then when the day is all I have, the sun shines to me warmly. It doesn't make me feel burned, just warm and comfort.
The wind is soft... So soft till I can sing all the way as I walk from places to places.
The loneliness I have is so calming.
Like a happy sad ending in a romantic movie.
Like an eternal mortality who makes people appreciate every single moment in their lives.

And I am the river inside the rain forest, flowing to every corner of the world
I am the leaves on an Ash tree, constantly in self-renewal state
I am home...

Strangely I feel happy and peaceful.
Like crying in the embrace of God.
Like standing in a happy sad ending movie.

Through the love of my friends, I feel loved.
Through the fall of my family, I feel love.

And through everything, I feel alive.

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