Saturday, 20 June 2015

Last day before 22

This is the last afternoon in my 21 years old age.
The last 3 pm before I finally reach number 22 in my life.
Know what?
I feel funny for many things.
Its funny how many laughter and cry I have spent within this year.
For friendship, for family, for work, for love, for compassion, for my self...
Funny how I am determined in falling and rising but then falling again.
Just like waves that keep crushing the coast and turn into foam. They still come back even though they know they will be crushed by the wind and by the land.

Funny how time flies. I never seem to able to catch it.
And every day I change. Every day I evolve.
Think it will be enough to catch up with time.
But time stands still within it's own speed, constantly speeding.
Still  I am here, changed but left by the time.
All the variables that created changes have gone, but the change remains.
Funny how each part of me is turning into something different.
Yet I don't feel so much different.
Funny how I fell in love with many persons. And then I fell out of love one by one.
Leaving only one name I can't hardly spell sometimes.
Funny how much I changed.

This is the last Ashar before I turn into 22.
My life is getting shorter.
Have I learn what I need to learn?
Have I fulfill the duty I assigned long before I touch the life in this earth?
Have I play my roles well?

This is the last day of my 21 years old age.

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