Monday, 27 June 2016

A Letter From 2013

Dear Wish,

I wish you are not just a Wish. I wish you are also courage for me. I wish you are confidence pushing me to be a better thing. I wish you are a gigantic trampoline that can make me leap to seize my will.
But you are not.

You are just a Wish. You will give me courage but you are not the courage itself. You will give me confidence but you are not the confidence. You also are not the gigantic trampoline but you are the one I must seize.

Dear Wish, I need to tell you this. I don’t know what love is. I don’t even understand it, not sure did I ever feel it. But I know precisely I am

A Travel Starter

The first time was always a difficult one, but it was worth to try. I guess that was how I felt for my first travelling experience.

It was challenging even to get onto the bus to Pangandaran. I was almost late due to the traffic. Luckily, I came on time. At 8 PM sharp, I started my trip to Pangandaran – a quiet land in southernmost of West Java.

It was a long night ride. Nothing much to see at first. Only the outskirts of Jakarta and Bandung.  By 12 AM, the bus stopped in Nagreg to take a rest. I hadn’t been there before, but I heard this will be a bumpy bus ride started from Nagreg.

Once the bus rolled down the road again, the rumours proven to be right. The flat lane had been replaced by uphill and downhill roads. Dark forests were on our right and left side. The sharp turns seem to be endless. It was impossible for me to close my eyes. I gripped my jacket tightly.  It was my first time travelling  and I felt nervous. Especially with such bumpy ride.

I turned my head to the window next to me wishing for some distractions. I could see green landscapes vividly moved and the twin mountain shadowing a town outside. I bet this was Garut, a small town down the twin mountain. The scenery outside seemed so quite. The cold night air created hazy dews on the window glasses.

From Garut, we were passing another towns. Green landscapes and valleys were replaced with small roofs and trees. By the time the bus left Banjar, it turned right and crossed a big bridge. There was a board telling that this was the direction to Pangandaran. The light was getting dimmer since then.