Monday, 27 June 2016

A Letter From 2013

Dear Wish,

I wish you are not just a Wish. I wish you are also courage for me. I wish you are confidence pushing me to be a better thing. I wish you are a gigantic trampoline that can make me leap to seize my will.
But you are not.

You are just a Wish. You will give me courage but you are not the courage itself. You will give me confidence but you are not the confidence. You also are not the gigantic trampoline but you are the one I must seize.

Dear Wish, I need to tell you this. I don’t know what love is. I don’t even understand it, not sure did I ever feel it. But I know precisely I am
scare of it. I am terrified like hell. But why do you have to be friend with it?

I have told you, I don’t want love.

I told you so many times…

But you simply walk into the arms of love and become a seemed-to-be-forever ally. You are hanging high above the sky with love. You are blinking so brightly every night and it makes me blind every time I stare at you.

I do want to seize you, grab you within my arms and make you my personal star. Yes, the star of wish and love. But I am so scared that I might fall since you are hanging so highly with the love. I am not good in leaping anyway… And my hands are too little to carry you both…

I cannot bear the ache.
I cannot bear the scare I sense.
I know you are just a Wish. You are neither the courage nor the confidence.

So Wish, I beg you to end your friendship with the love.



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