Wednesday, 13 July 2016

That Day I Discovered Secret Treasure

Pemalang is still not well-known for its tourism spots. But this doesn’t make the town has less admirable places for vacation. In fact, the town hides so many enhancing spots for those who seek adventurous vacation. It will make the seekers find unpredictable treasure.

My trip was started from a small village named Paduraksa in Pemalang sub district. Pemalang is actually a district in Central Java, quiet big and possessing various land contours. Standing between the great mount Slamet and Java Seas, the district has coastal low lands on its north area and beautiful plateau on its south side, exactly at the foot of mount Slamet.

The destination this time was some natural spots in Moga sub district. It was about 40 km from Paduraksa by motorcycle. To go there, we need to pass several sub districts and also some forest plantations. For the first 10 minutes, our eyes will be greeted by the mysterious shade of withering teak forest. After that, the soothing sight of vast green rice fields will appear. The great mount Slamet stands tall as a background. It took about 1,5 hours to get to Moga sub district. From there, we will head to Banyumudal village where some natural springs are located. The name of Banyumudal itself means squirting water, referring to the rich natural springs in the area.

Kali Suci natural spring water in Banyumudal, Moga
Photo by Anggra

The pond is so clear and clean you can see the bottom
Photo by Gema Gilang

Take leisure by floating on the water
Photo by Gema Gilang

Kali Suci is one of the natural springs in Banyumudal that might give leisure to your vacation. Located among local kailyards, this spring allows the visitor to take a swim at peace. The spring has shaped a quite big and deep pond for people to swim and dive a bit. The water there is very clear, refreshing and clean. You can even see the bottom of it. The trees around the spring make this spot feels so shady and quiet. It gives a huge sense of tranquility while swimming or floating on the water using a huge unused black tire. I took my time to swim a bit and floating on the big tire while watching the clear blue sky above me. This is a perfect moment to daydream and relaxing nerves.

Slightly below the water pond, a small douche from bamboo channeling the water to the smaller pond. Some locals and visitor take their time to taste the water stream. Here, the pond is not as deep as the other before. I spent some minutes sitting under the fountain and let the water stream massaged my back and my head. 

A small douche below the main spring
Photo y Anggra

Managed by the locals, this place is a humble place where wild joy is nurtured. The entrance for this spot is still free, but you need to pay Rp. 6000,- if you want to rent a tire. This place is quiet famous only among the locals in Banyumudal and Moga. Thus, not many tourists – even local tourists- have visited this spot. Myself know this place from a friend who lives nearby.

Shifting from Kali Suci, I took my time to visit a tea plantation field. Moga is a plateau in Pemalang known for its rich tea plantations. From Banyumudal, I moved to Pulosari. It’s about 20 minutes by motorcycle. This area tends to be cooler from Banyumudal and the road was bumpier.

Green seas of tea plantation field
Photo by Anggra
But once I reached the tea plantation field, my eyes rejuvenated in an instance by the sight of opulent green. There were many tea plantation fields in this area, I couldn’t even measure how vast the size of that field. The motorcycle I rode stopped among the tea plantation field and as far as I could see are the green seas of tea outspreading from my left and my right. It was the first time I see tea plantation this vast. My breath was taken and I smiled for gratitude of being here. I was told that the product of this plantation will be sent overseas. But it’s too bad that even people from around here and the farmer itself never taste the high quality tea that regularly sent abroad.

Like I said before, the treasures in this district are quiet surprising, even for the locals. Thus, anyone who seeks for adventurous surprises might enjoy exploring this district. Good luck in Pemalang!

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